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Monday, March 26, 2012

My Biggest Challenge To Date

This hat will be a yummy german chocolate cake! Never made a hat before so each step to creating this cake has been interesting to say the least as I make my pattern and run ideas through my brain but...I never back away from a challenge. Mark 10:27 say's "For with God ALL things are possible" and I'm determined to believe He meant "cakes" too...I'm sure :-).

Like I said I LOVE a challenge and always tell my daughter there is nothing you can't do if you try. But If you try and fail...make sure you've given it your best shot. This was my very first time working with Modeling Chocolate, I found a good recipe and decided to use that medium for this emblem. Since I've read that Modeling chocolate is "very forgiving"...AND IT IS! I made a few mistakes with this along the way and because the chocolate (Unlike fondant) remained plyable for several hours while working, I could fix any boo boo's. The cake isn't due for about 3 weeks but I decided to do the emblem as I figured it would be the most difficult but...we'll see!

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