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Monday, March 5, 2012

My First Diaper Bag Cake

This cake was made using one 1/2 sheet cake and 3/4 of a Quarter sheet. The un-even top was where  dowels are inserted for support but worked out perfectly as a Diaper "Bag" is never perfect in symmetry.

                       These "were" the pockets for my cake but as I assembled they were too large and kept falling off the cake, fixed THAT problem.

The cake was covered in MMF fondant that I colored. See how thick the pockets were? You have NO idea how much trouble it is when a portion of your cake just refuses to cooperate!

I actually cut the pockets in half and re-attached...much better! This would have been a good time to have my Nieces and Nephews around to take care of the "extra" cake.

I could not find a zipper template so I took several photos of zippers and designed this one free hand...turned out pretty realistic I think.

The sugar keepsakes you can make way in advance which helps because the longer they sit out the better. They're like sweet ceramics after a while and hard as rocks.

All of my keepsakes were hand sculpted with the exception of the teething rings in which I used pastry cutters and for the shoe I had a pattern.

The side pockets where not as difficult as I imagined, they went on quite nicely and stayed put the first time.

A simple shoulder strap and.....

Cake complete!

I had to add my little "Butterfly Dream" sleeping baby on a flower, couldn't resist. Though I think I made it too early as it cracked so I had to fix it with some piping gel.

Mom was very happy with the results.


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