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Friday, March 2, 2012


This is our SECOND audition for Food Networks "Cupcake Wars". Haven't heard anything yet and I assume auditons are still open since they haven't posted "Auditions Closed" on FB. MAN! I want to get on that show so bad I can TASTE IT..(no pun intended). I think this one was better than my first seeing my Mom was ill with cancer and I spent a lot of time flying out to see her. As I look back I could see the stress on my face with my first August '11 audition, but God rest her soul, she passed two months after that. I was sad to call and tell her in September when we didn't get selected for season 4 because she was SO excited to hear we'd been called in the first place.  But, like the Mother she was, said...."That's alright baby, you'll get it next time". Well, who knows how Food Network selects their competitors, last I checked on FB they were looking for "British" Bakers living in the USA? Well, I wasn't born in England but I do love their accent due to my husbands military career we were fortunate enough to visit England. I was in a McDonalds with my daughter and a worker came over to clean our table and say hello. She goes..."I love your accent"...I'm thinking "What accent..YOU have an accent". It's funny how we view one another. I'm from Alabama so maybe she did hear an "accent" :-). For this audition I selected my husband because I know he'll keep me in line if we are selected and I have a "CRAZY" cake moment when he doesn't do something EXACTLY the way I want. So...if we don't get selected this time...last I knew the only person who could turn good water into wine was JESUS! So Food Network...I am what I am and I can't change good water (you noticed I used the word "good") into whatcha whacha get...AND YOU AIN'T SEEN NOTHIN YET!...sorry, for a moment there I was transported back to my childhood. Enjoy!
"Cupcake Wars Audition for Season 5"

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