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Friday, August 24, 2012

How to Stack A Cake Using Bubble Tea Straws

First, start by finding the center of your cake. I use a tool called "The Smart Marker". Here I've placed a 6inch cake board so that I can clearly see the center since it's white frosting. This is a 10inch cake so I looked for the 10inch mark on the Smart Marker and that helped me find my center.

The tiny holes let you mark around your intended target so you'll know where to place your next layer. This Marker goes up to a 16inch cake.
I used the holes on my Marker and my cake board to draw out the circle.

More is better, I place about 6-7 straws per layer just for that extra support. I transported a 4 layer cake a week ago using this method and it was STURDY! My husband hit all kinds of bumps and curves on the way and it didn't budge!

I like to keep these handy.

To cut, if you lift up your straw and the icing doesn't mark it clearly use an edible marker (the color doesn't matter as you'll be sitting a cake on top of this).

Using sharp kitchen shears just SNIP! SNIP! SNIP!

Gently push straw back into cake and...

PRESTO! I love this method as appose to using all wooden dowels...

as you can't do this without disturbing your cake or getting wood chips in your frosting. In this photo I was a little shy of getting the straw perfectly aligned with the top of my cake so I just used my shears to snip around the straw until it was hidden the way I wanted.


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