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Friday, August 24, 2012


These were cookies made as gifts to say congrats to all of my Kempo family that made rank. Testing was held in Las Vegas where Grand Master Buel flew from Hawaii to test the black belts and new black belts. I hope to test for mine 2014...seems SO far away!
Hannah - New Black Belt
Adam - Second Degree Black Belt

Austin - New Black Belt

Instructor Marty (wife and co-owner) 7th Degree Black belt (and yes...those are cinder blocks...OUCH!).

Jackie - New Black Belt. She says if she can do it I can do it....mmm..I don't know Jackie :-).

Mike - Second Degree Black Belt.

Tylor-Anne - Second Degree Black Belt.

This is Terry, he is blind, tested with ONE arm (as he broke the other a few weeks before this seminar) AND passed black belt testing, this guy has a "Never give up" personality. Terry doesn't like sweets which is why I'm posting his photo instead :-).

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