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Friday, August 24, 2012


These guys are located at:3730 Medowland Blvd.
Station 10 began service on April 16, 1969, at the northwest corner of Meadowland and Academy. The station was granted several variances because of its residential location. At that time, the Fire Department was 18 firefighters short of full strength. Because of the shortage, Station 10 was manned by firefighters working on their days off until a new class of firefighters could be hired and trained.
Today, Station 10 is one of the busiest stations on the department. It is home for up to 10 firefighters per shift, who staff a pumper, an aerial truck, and a brush and utility truck.

I couldn't keep up the pace of making these little guys, too many details and writing with royal icing was a challenge too (as you can see one "appears" to read: "Our Herd's"...didn't like that). But, it was a good idea just VERY time consuming, though they turned out pretty cute :-).

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