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Friday, August 24, 2012


Colorado suffered the worst fire in history this summer 2012 and our Fire Fighters as well as those out of town fought hard to save homes. Though over 300 were lost, many were saved and they did their absolute best. So my personal goal is to thank all of the Fire Fighters here in Colorado one station at a time. WE LOVE OUR FIRE FIGHTERS! THEY ROCK!!

Thank you to our men and "Women" Fire Fighters.

It was so cool to know that this station was once an ALL GIRL run station!! GIRL POWER! (nothing against the men know :-). It was so nice to meet these guys/gals.

They are truly "Our Heros".
This is a white cake with coconut and marshmallow buttercream topped with an italian cream cheese frosting and dark chocolate cake truffles. Decorated with homemade marshmallow fondant color red, everything is edible.

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