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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Wedding Cakes....."Can We Afford it?"....YES!

If you find you can't afford all those REALLY expensive wedding cakes. Give us a call (719) 510-2729 and you'll be surprised at the beautifully decorated and elegant wedding cake you CAN afford from us! We give discounts and on some occasions allow our customers to name their own "reasonable" price because we want that day to be stress free and the day of your dreams. Weddings are don't allow the "Money" to be taken out of your "Moon" by paying an arm and a leg for a cake. It may be beautiful on the outside of course, but in the's just cake.


  1. Teresa, I cannot seem to find some of the wedding cake pictures you have done. I know they are beautiful and yummy.

  2. You can find them on my website: :-).


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