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Saturday, October 13, 2012


A beautiful couple having a beautiful baby girl! Her name? “ Addison Marie Bishop” Due on December 15th. Ebony decided to give her precious daughter my Mothers middle name....she would be so proud.

Ebony makes pregnancy look glamorous!  I sure don't recall looking like a Model when I was 7 MONTHS PREGNANT! I was shaped more like a very wide BOTTLE!  But Ebony played Basketball for years so she's all muscle and baby :-).


Cake time! I so wished I could be there to make her cake but I made this topper and shipped it to Alabama. UPS still ROCKS! Not a scratch!

Ebony and "Uncle Terrance".


Aunt Wanda



Aunt Jerry and daughter Jazlen who looks like her twin when Jerry was that age. It's weird when you watch your child grow up and they morph into's kind of creepy, I see it in my daughter now. Not to mention it makes you feel old as dirt! But that's ok, as far as I'm concerned "50" is the new "30"!! (thought I would say 40 didn't you.. :-).


I'd imagine by the expressions on the faces they are playing the "Baby Food" smelling game??? In a Jar in a Diaper it's still yucky!

Is that the guest of honor writing.....

"Thank You" notes  at her shower??? YOU GO GIRL!

Congratulations Ebony and Shelly! You're going to LOVE Parenthood...(well, MOST of the time, I PROMISE! :-).

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