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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Mom the "Chef"?? Last visit August 2011

My Mother was not always the greatest cook in the kitchen but as she got older it got better (after all the kids were grown and out of the house....that's right, make US suffer). My Mom would burn food and when we'd protest she would say "Burnt food makes your skin pretty"...I actually fell for that...go figure.

Tried that line on my daughter but...she didn't fall for it so I had to learn how NOT to burn food. I recall visiting my Dad one summer and I was raving about Mom's cooking. It was in the 80's when we used a lot a slang to describe something good. I recall talking to him about how good Mom's food was (they divorced when I was 3), I said to him:  "Dad, Mom can really BURN!". Apparently my Dad was NOT familiar with the slang and replied "Yeah I know...she always burned food when I was married to her too" LOL! (I had to break it down to him).

Anywho, to this day I still don't really "cook" but I can "burn" (not literally) some holiday meals.
This was my first glance as we stepped into her Hospital room, myself, hubby and daughter had just gotten off the road and came to see her first thing. As I walked in the door I had never seen her smile so bright. Here she was getting preped for a chemo treatment.

Apparently hungry as well since all she could talk about was food with my niece who was just as much a "Foody" as her Grandmother.

Prior to leaving the Hospital Mom was eyeing a plant (she LOVED plants) and as I was pushing her out she asked her Nurse:  "Cut me off a piece of that plant". She saw it on the way in apparently and had her little hands all set to take a piece home and....she did.

The Nurse did as she requested and ripped off some of the Hospital's plant to place in a zip lock baggy and told her "Watch for security" :-).

It was a beautiful day and outside the Hospital there was a market selling fresh produce, so of course Mom had to go. It was nice walking (well, she was being pushed by niece and I were walking). I still have the super hot BBQ sauce she convinced me to buy, it's was so spicy I could only stand a small amount at a time so I'll probably have it for a while.

Mom wanted to cook a nice dinner for us before hitting the road so here she is after arriving home with all of HER favorites, sitting comfy in her favorite chair. We ate, Boston butt, Mac N' Cheese, Okra...YUK!...candied yams and collard greens. Makes my mouth water just typing this (with the exception of the slimy okra). Everything was DELICIOUS! She was able to still have all the things she loved because she taught my niece Jimesha how to help her in the kitchen so this meal was prepared by both of them. I don't like a lot of meat but now when I buy it to cook I always purchase the Boston butt and cook in my crock pot to remind me of her.
Here she was just clowning around for the camera saying :"Ya wanna picture of me eating too??"

UH OH!...Here...she was just tired of me taking her picture, wanted me to leave her alone and let her enjoy her I did :-). Look at that face, MUAH!

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