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Monday, October 8, 2012

My Journals

I began keeping prayer journals in the mid 90's, I’ve written in those journals my prayers and things I've learned, my feelings, likes, dis-likes, good times and bad…etc,  as I read my quiet time each morning. I'm thankful for those journals now because there are so many of them and my daughter can still have a piece of Mom when it's my time to leave this earth. She can look back on them and see my thoughts on different passages in the bible and maybe even something to help her through the difficult times.  I have a Life Application Bible that's so worn it's falling apart but that is something I will leave my daughter as well because I've left what I call “love notes”  in it for her as I marked passages and put the date I read it and underlined certain notes and scriptures with a message like "Remember this- Love Mom".
I was raised by my Grandmother and would have loved to have owned her personal bible as I passed her room some nights and saw her many times reading her open Bible with only the light of her night stand lamp. Even though I don't have it she made a lasting impression that learning from the Word of God is more precious than anything I'll ever do. I think she would be proud that I actually paid attention (I was a hard headed little girl with a “mean streak” as I remember her calling it :-). Her actions spoke to me louder than her words ever did and for that...I'm very grateful.

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