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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Our Children Are Precious Cargo

While driving my daughter to school this morning only a few blocks from arriving I saw a Bike partially under a car. I was praying whomever it was that they were ok with Ambulance, Police and Fire all over the place. They were on their way to school but thankfully found to be ok and the Parent took them home without injury though probably pretty shaken.
School zones are such a busy area with Parents rushing to get kids to school and kids rushing to get to school. But I resigned to slow down and think of our kids first because I was one of those impatient Parents trying to get my child to school on time, some days it's like being on the battle field watching folks cut you off like there’s money involved or their life depended upon being first to sit at a red light before turning into the school.
But I'm reminded of the precious cargo I carry every morning and how God has entrusted that to me. Seeing that accident this morning made me remember that NOTHING is more important than arriving safely (anywhere). If you're late for work that can be forgiven and made up. But if you accidently hit a child causing serious injury, that's something that will stay with you for life.

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