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Tuesday, October 2, 2012


My daughter and I were discussing her quiet time this morning and the lesson was "Prayer in Times of Inadequacy" by Charles Stanley.

It made me think about last year while my Mother was in Michigan suffering with cancer, having treatments and going back and forth to the Doctor. I would call her almost daily as I was living in another state and felt so helpless, the stress was almost unbearable because I wanted so much to be by her side but finances and time wouldn't allow it. To me there is no other feeling so horendous as when you have a family member suffering and you can't do anything to help them, the feeling is indescribable.

But you know, because I have faith in God, I learned to call on Him for help. And through the kindness of my husband one day after I had just flown back home about two month prior, all of a sudden he goes "Let's do a road trip and go see your Mom again before School starts" (you'd have to know my husband, he doesn't just spend money all willy nilly...unlike me :-). So I know it was God that spoke to him. Because of that kind gesture, I had the opportunity to spend precious time with my Mom who unbeknownst to any of us only had two months to live. I'll always be thankful to my husband for taking me to see my Mother that one last time.

So you see, we aren't helpless in any situation we encounter, if you have faith in God and know that He is truly watching over you and has "good" plans for your life...there is absolutely NO situation that God can't handle if you turn it over to Him. He knows what we need when we need it and like my Grandmother would say, "He may not come when you want Him....but He's always on time".

Be encouraged.
Due to my husbands kind suggestion, this was our last photo with Mom as we headed out to hit the road back home. Here she is in her favorite chair (she even slept in it even though she had a bed). But breathing had become more and more difficult. Miss you Mom.

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