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Friday, November 23, 2012

Monster Cake Balls made "Easier"

Had a ton of cake balls to make this week but I didn't want to roll them out by hand as usual. So, I went searching online for a solution and found two. An actual "Cake Ball" maker and a "Meatballer", they looked exactly the same but one was almost 3 times the cost of the other.

So guess which one I decided on? You got it! The cheap one, only I didn't pay close attention to how "large" it would be made the task a LOT shorter being the cake balls were so big, I don't think anyone would mind.
I dipped my baller in very hot water I allowed to boil in the microwave.
Then filling the cavities (over fill) with my cake because the excess will escape.
Any that doesn't just wipe away with your fingers.
You get a nice clean ball with the exception....
of the little crease in the center.
Give it a couple of firm rolls between your palms and it's smooth again!


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