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Wednesday, November 14, 2012



Every time I make Ganache it always turned out just PERFECT (with the exception of yesterday).

I was melting my 60% chips, poured cold cream over them stirred and...SEIZE!!!!! I almost panicked....well, I actually did because like I said, it always turns out kidding.

As always I start goggling and come upon thousands of different opinions about how you basically CAN'T save seized Ganache!! or chocolate period...the more I goggled the more discouraged I became until I stumbled upon this blog that said YOU CAN SAVE IT! It said to allow your Ganache to cool completely and place it in a FOOD PROCESSOR!

Well, being the impatient person I am...I didn't have time to wait for that bad boy to cool and my motto is:, "Hmm..well, lets just see what happens when you do this!". I've had a lot of luck (should I say grace) with that motto.

I took the hot mess and plopped it in my food processor and gave it a whirl....WALLA! IT'S SMOOTH AGAIN!

 What a relief! It was still too thick for dipping and not enough volume so...

 I continued whizzing while  slowly pouring more cream to increase the volume, then I added vegetable oil a little at a time until it was the consistency I needed for dipping.
I have tossed out SO much of this chocolate when I first began melting chocolate and failing at flavoring because I didn't get the connection of "water and Oil" not mixing! Chocolate is oil based and you don't go just adding any ole kind of flavoring all willie nillie (but I did, time and time again...with the same results).
I melted two blocks of chocolate....
Added a tablespoon of flavoring and....
My hot mess!
So I added about 3-4 tablespoons of oil (you can also add hot coffee to bring out the chocolate flavor), stuck  that warm hunk of hot mess in my mini food processor to get it the right consistency for dipping.
And WALLA! Smooth, creamy chocolate again...SAVED!




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