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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas Tree Cakes Tutorial

Needed a pan that would help the trees bake standing up so I used my mini wedding cake pan.

Used one commercial baking sheet and cut in half.

Fold to make a cone shape being sure to close the ends as much as possible and then taping together.

Cone will be tall so just cut it down closer to baking pans level.


I used a heating core for the smaller cone to keep it stable while baking worked perfectly!

Spray the cones VERY well and use one scoop of mix for the small cone and 2 for the largest.

Due to the weight of my mix the cone sank in the pan, couldn't have that happen, I would be baking a crooked tree! But if you know how to use buttercream you can hide a LOT of  mistakes :-).

So I took a wad of foil, poked a hole in the center and stabalized my larger cone...

Worked out perfectly!

Bake at 350. Thirty minutes for the small and five minutes more for the largest.

Let cool for a minute before peeling the baking paper off, freeze, trim the bottoms so they'll sit flat and....

And if you just want to skip all the baking and make it SUPER easy on yourself, just slap an ice cream cone on your cake and decorate away!....I prefer cake myself :-).


  1. Saw your tutorial link from CC, it's really neat. Love your blog!

  2. Why thanks Nicole, I was under the impression no one payed attention to my blog but I just keep "bloggin" LOL! Have a blessed Christmas!


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