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Friday, December 7, 2012

Re-Think that Football Helmet Cookie Cutter

Saw a blog one day of a woman who used a snowman cookie cutter, turned it upside down and made a head of the snowman wearing a scarf. Got to looking at my cutters and fliped a Football cookie cutter and...WHALA! IT'S A SILHOUETTE!..go figure.

Look at this, then turn your head to the right's a Football Helmet. Straighten your head's a silhoutte! See the outline of the eyes, face, cheeks, hair, head and body?

If you have a gift box cutter, slice off the bow and....

It's a GIRL!...whoda thunk it?
I just played around with my drawing tools to make the faces...the next ones may not look so "cartoonish" :-). I call these "Children of The Nations" because as I sat back and viewed my work, that was my first thought.


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