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Friday, August 24, 2012

How to Stack A Cake Using Bubble Tea Straws

First, start by finding the center of your cake. I use a tool called "The Smart Marker". Here I've placed a 6inch cake board so that I can clearly see the center since it's white frosting. This is a 10inch cake so I looked for the 10inch mark on the Smart Marker and that helped me find my center.

The tiny holes let you mark around your intended target so you'll know where to place your next layer. This Marker goes up to a 16inch cake.
I used the holes on my Marker and my cake board to draw out the circle.

More is better, I place about 6-7 straws per layer just for that extra support. I transported a 4 layer cake a week ago using this method and it was STURDY! My husband hit all kinds of bumps and curves on the way and it didn't budge!

I like to keep these handy.

To cut, if you lift up your straw and the icing doesn't mark it clearly use an edible marker (the color doesn't matter as you'll be sitting a cake on top of this).

Using sharp kitchen shears just SNIP! SNIP! SNIP!

Gently push straw back into cake and...

PRESTO! I love this method as appose to using all wooden dowels...

as you can't do this without disturbing your cake or getting wood chips in your frosting. In this photo I was a little shy of getting the straw perfectly aligned with the top of my cake so I just used my shears to snip around the straw until it was hidden the way I wanted.



Colorado suffered the worst fire in history this summer 2012 and our Fire Fighters as well as those out of town fought hard to save homes. Though over 300 were lost, many were saved and they did their absolute best. So my personal goal is to thank all of the Fire Fighters here in Colorado one station at a time. WE LOVE OUR FIRE FIGHTERS! THEY ROCK!!

Thank you to our men and "Women" Fire Fighters.

It was so cool to know that this station was once an ALL GIRL run station!! GIRL POWER! (nothing against the men know :-). It was so nice to meet these guys/gals.

They are truly "Our Heros".
This is a white cake with coconut and marshmallow buttercream topped with an italian cream cheese frosting and dark chocolate cake truffles. Decorated with homemade marshmallow fondant color red, everything is edible.


These were cookies made as gifts to say congrats to all of my Kempo family that made rank. Testing was held in Las Vegas where Grand Master Buel flew from Hawaii to test the black belts and new black belts. I hope to test for mine 2014...seems SO far away!
Hannah - New Black Belt
Adam - Second Degree Black Belt

Austin - New Black Belt

Instructor Marty (wife and co-owner) 7th Degree Black belt (and yes...those are cinder blocks...OUCH!).

Jackie - New Black Belt. She says if she can do it I can do it....mmm..I don't know Jackie :-).

Mike - Second Degree Black Belt.

Tylor-Anne - Second Degree Black Belt.

This is Terry, he is blind, tested with ONE arm (as he broke the other a few weeks before this seminar) AND passed black belt testing, this guy has a "Never give up" personality. Terry doesn't like sweets which is why I'm posting his photo instead :-).


These guys are located at:3730 Medowland Blvd.
Station 10 began service on April 16, 1969, at the northwest corner of Meadowland and Academy. The station was granted several variances because of its residential location. At that time, the Fire Department was 18 firefighters short of full strength. Because of the shortage, Station 10 was manned by firefighters working on their days off until a new class of firefighters could be hired and trained.
Today, Station 10 is one of the busiest stations on the department. It is home for up to 10 firefighters per shift, who staff a pumper, an aerial truck, and a brush and utility truck.

I couldn't keep up the pace of making these little guys, too many details and writing with royal icing was a challenge too (as you can see one "appears" to read: "Our Herd's"...didn't like that). But, it was a good idea just VERY time consuming, though they turned out pretty cute :-).


Between 1979 and 1984, Station 7 was home to 3 companies simultaneously; Engine 7, Truck 7 and Rescue 7. During this period, Station 7 won the well-deserved nickname "Animal House".
I didn't get to take a photo with these guys. They are locate at 3901 Palmer Park Blvd.


These guys got a call while we were there but it got cancelled so we were able to get this picture. They were so helpful with some family issues I was having at the time, thanks guys, your input was invaluable.

They REALLY liked the truffles and chocolate dipped fruit :-).


This station is located:2490 Research Parkway

Loved these guys, they were so funny showing us photo's of them and the President as he came to visit during the fires. One Fire Fighter (who will remain nameless...because I don't recall his name LOL!) got a photo with the President but only his ear and a portion of the side of his face was showing :-)...too funny.


This is a very nice station and so clean! Each one we visited gave us a tour. All of the Fire Fighters we met were SO nice and hospitable. One thing I did not know and that is they pay for their own food. So if you think about them on your days off take them a meal, I'm sure they'll appreciate it though they don't mind buying their own would just be a nice thing to do for people who sacrifice so much for us.

These guys were are located at: 6755 Rangewood Dr.


This is only a small part of my awesome Kempo Karate Family. Instructor Teri and Walley Kruger formed a group to help clean up after the Waldo Canyon Fires. It was the most saddest sight I've ever seen in my life. The devastation of those families who lost their homes. We cleaned where an entire neighborhood was lost with the exception of a few houses still standing which was a miracle in itself. The house we sifted through ashes had a house next to it completely un-touched by the fire. No one could do that but God. Continue to pray for so many who lost so much.


These guys were awesome! So nice, gave us a tour of the station.

My sweet niece was visiting from Michigan so she helped decorate the cupcakes AND....

Took advantage of some of that Fire Fighter action, doesn't  she look cute. This suit was HOT! AND HEAVY! The Fire Fighters have only 90 seconds to put on this gear and she's not wearing all of it!! That blurry thing in her right hand is an Ax :-).


This station is located in Stetson Hills, one of the first stations my daughter and  I visited in August, at this time the Fires were still at 95% containment.


These cookies were given to our men and women at the United states Air Force Academy.

These guys work at Fire Station #2 at USAFA.