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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Something More Valuable Than Money

I was talking to my daughter this morning as she remembered what her quiet time was about. Which was entitled "Building Bridges To The Kingdom" from an In Touch Magazine. And I told her a story of a time when I was working as a C.N.A. (Certified Nursing Assistant). I got a call from the agency I was working for and they told me I had two choices of where I wanted to go. A precious little lady name "Anna Chucchas" who was very ill requested me, specifically to care for her. The other choice was that the Hospital needed an Aide as well. I thought to myself.... "Work for Anna and I only make $7 an hour, the Hospital pays $15"!...then I thought it over. Anna and I had bonded and she had such a gentle spirit and was SO funny. We laughed together almost the entire time I spent with her.


So...reluctantly that day I chose Anna, the entire time I'm driving there I was thinking "Shoot!...I could be making some MONEY today"! (like I needed it, I was blessed beyond measure with a husband in the military and we didn't have many bills at all due to the military, so I was just being extremely selfish). I arrived at Anna's and I watched her face just light up to see me and I felt so good in my spirit to be there. I took care of her as usual and as I was standing in her kitchen washing dishes and looking out the window,  I recall it was such a beautiful day. And in my spirit God was telling me "See what you would have missed had you chosen money over time"? And I was convicted and ashamed that I put money ahead of spending valuable time with someone. When Anna passed away I received a call from her family requesting I attend her services because she spoke so highly of me. I remember my 20 something year old self sitting in this amazingly most beautiful Church I’d ever seen (I think she was Greek), but I remember the long black limousine and still today, the sadness I felt at her passing.


Hopefully my daughter will remember this story and know that money will NEVER EVER be more valuable than giving of yourself and your could mean the world to someone and you'll never know until you take that step.


Monday, August 27, 2012


Got this idea from a fellow  caker who's just as frugal as I am. I don't know about you but I spend enough money on ingredients and cake decorations and tools. I don't want to spend a lot for a stand each his own! The picture above are cake stands for a half sheet and full sheet cake. I charge a small refundable fee for events. The fee is refunded upon safe return of my stand.

I used a Heavy Duty stapler and covered the bottom of my stands with thick Vinyl Covering.

This covering wrapped around most of the underside of my board, but not all.

For the tops I only covered the edges as when I put silk covers on it won't slip off. The type of board used is called "OSB" which I purchased at Home Depot, the prices vary but right now it's $14.77 for a 4 ft by 8 ft piece. The assistants there were VERY helpful in cutting my board to my specifications.

More photos of the top.

As you can see I had 6 stands cut for14, 12, 10, 9, 8 and 6 inch cakes. The sizes cut were:
14 inch pan/16' board, 12inch pan/14' board/9inch pan/11'board/8inch pan/10'board/10inch pan/12'inch board/6inch pan/7 1/2' board. I had  2x4 wood cut to fit between the two boards for each stand. Theses 2x4's were cut at a graduated angle, so how high or low you have them cut depends on the look you want. The particular 2x4's were cut in a stair step fashion. 

These are all the tools I needed. Clear Vinyl Covering (Wal-Mart), Heavy Duty Stapler and Staples, 1 5/8inch self-drilling screws and my handy dandy (well, my husband’s) Duro Pro electric screwdriver.

Oh...and be sure to wear gloves, splinters from the wood are NO fun!