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Sunday, September 2, 2012


Four more of Colorado's finest Firemen located at 4770 Scarlet Dr.
Didn't get to talk too long with these guys as we delivered later in the evening and my hubby and I both were still tired from digging post holes in our backyard the day before. We're getting ready to build a dog run. So, our "Labor Day" tomorrow? Will TRULY be LABOR!

It was a joy and pleasure making this cake, our Fire Fighters do so much for us it's nice to just give something back. I'm an EMT by trade but...I'm a better baker :-).

The water was Isomalt sugar, my first time working with it (oh...don't get it on your hands...IT'S HOT!!!!!)

The lights were a challenge as it was my first attempt with those also, one of my friends had this BRILLANT idea when I had trouble getting the color red. I tried food color and it didn't work, she suggested permanent red marker and guess what...IT WORKED! Kudo's to Nancy! Two heads are always better than one.