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Tuesday, September 11, 2012


I remember the day I first saw this on television. We were stationed at Aviano A.B. Italy and I was at the Hospital with my daughter. I walked out of the lab into the lobby, saw a ton of folks watching television, I glanced and thought it was some kind of special show until I heard the worst thing I could have ever heard and that was "This is real, it's happening now"! My heart and my stomach sank and I couldn't believe what I was seeing. So many lost their lives that day and it was played out live on national television. This post is to remember those who lost their lives that day and the families who suffered their lost. And to remember and represent all of those Hero's all over the nation who gave their lives to save and tried to save lives on that horrible day. We love you, we are thankful for you and we'll never forget you.

Thank you.

Monday, September 10, 2012


All I can say is this station was WAY COOL! Talk about NOSTALGIA?! This station has got it. Each station I've visited the firefighters were SO nice. But this one had to be the coolest, they say big things come in small packages. This place looked like someone’s house (it was at one time). It may be small but it's packed with history! Oh...and they liked the cake too :-).

Fire Station 2 is located at 314 East San Miguel Street, it was only the second station to occupy that quiet, residential site.

Station 2 has shared quarters with various other companies in the course of its lifetime. At times, it has hosted Engines 6, 7, and 8 before their quarters were completed, as well as various reserve aerials and pumpers over the 55 years of its existence. It also has been home to crews from utility Engine Company 20, Rescue 2 and the on-shift investigators from the CSFD Investigations Bureau.

Currently Station 2 houses Engine 2 and the TEMS unit (Tactical Emergency Medical Support).



This is what the cake looked like BEFORE I put it in the freezer with the isomalt windows (not a good idea, now I know WHY they say DON'T refrigerate isomalt). It came out of the fridge looking like fogged over windows from a winter wonderland scene. So I had to paint them dark, ironically once I put the light in (my IDEA was to give the impression of someone inside) turned out more to look like the house was on FIRE. When I create a cake my thoughts change as I work and I thought a light would be cool with the windows but it didn't convey the message I wanted. But...they thought it was funny, at least they have a sense of humor I was a little nervous after seeing it but I couldn't take the light out without ruining the whole structure.....


Now...back to Station #2. This hangs in the (for lack of a better term)...garage where the trucks are (and their Gym). It was made by one of their Fire Fighters who's now retired.

These are photos of the Fire house way back when...

It's gone through a LOT of changes.....

Ya think? I thought this was pretty cool, these are college students...check out those, long Johns?...I think.

Thought this was pretty cool....

The first Station 2 was built in 1896 and housed horse-drawn apparatus until the company was motorized in 1912. Driven by TRUE "Horse Power" :-).

Just love this.

Tactical Emergency Medical Support

Nice sense of humor too, I think Iowa is missing a Hydrant. This makes a nice cake idea...I think I could pull it off. I'm always looking for new cake ideas for the Fire Stations. Don't want to just drop off a plan ole cake.

 Station 2 was built in 1938 with a Public Works Authority grant and was occupied for the first time on February 10, 1939.