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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Happy 50th!!

This is a Chevron pattern, it was more time consuming than I imagined. I even made my own Chevron cutter which made things actually much easier. As "Simply Baking" would say: "Baking is not always fast, but it's always easy" :-)...I"ll apply that to "decorating" too.

The cake is a dark chocolate, chocolate chip and red velvet layers with dark chocolate chip Ganache and Italian cream cheese frosting...YUM!


Friday, September 21, 2012

A Discerning Spirit Hears Words That Are Not Spoken

The Power Of A Discerning Spirit by: Charles Stanley

This was a great lesson today. The older I get the more God allows me not to be quick to judge. Praying for a discerning spirit will help you hear words that are sometimes not spoken. Example:  A person is having a bad day and they snap at you...but you know you haven't done anything wrong. A discerning spirit will prevent you from snapping their heads off with a quick comeback for their remark...think about it :-).

Thursday, September 20, 2012


Our wonderful Pastor has taken a two months medical leave and won't be returning to us until 1 January 2013. He suffered a heart attack in February of this year and seemed to be doing fine until about a month ago. Please keep Pastor Bobby Holt and his sweet wife Carla in your prayers as the Doctors try and find the nature of his continued illness. Thank you so much.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Upside Down Frosting Technique


At first this made NO sense to me until I saw an actual video tutorial by Jessie's Cakes (check her out if you want to see this in action it’s FABULOSO!). I made my own photo tutorial because I added a step (that made sense to me…maybe not you but, to each his own!) :-) .

List of Materials

  • Tape
  • Wax paper or Baking Paper (I find baking paper works better as if it gets wet it won’t rip)
  • Wide Turntable (bought mine form IKEA for $8 bucks)
  • Leveler (Can find at any hardware store)
  • Bench Scraper ( or something with a long, flat, sharp edge for smoothing icing) Can find at most baking supply section in stores or go to Hobby Lobby or Michaels
  • Large or Small Offset Spatula (your preferrence)
  • Hot Water (For Spatulas and Bench Scraper)
  • Cake boards (the size of your cakes
  • Lots of Frosting
Place a small piece of rolled tape under cake board that matches the size of your already crumb coated cake. Place in center of turntable.
Cover that with a piece of Wax or Baking paper (I’m using baking paper in the photo but I used both just to see the difference).
Tape all the edges down so they won’t get in your way as you smooth, turn your table once you put the frosting on. You can actully cut it the size of your turntable if you want.
Put a good amount of frosting on, using your offset spatula smooth the frosting down (as level as you can get it) while using the underside cake board as a guide to how far out it needs to go. This was the extra step I added due to if you have more than one cake to frost, you won’t be able to sit your cake/turntable in the freezer and wait for the frosting to stiffen enough to take the cake off.
At this point take your crumcoated cake from the freezer and with a gloved hand (or not, I just don’t like frosting all over my hands) place that hand on top of your cake and the other under the bottom. Carefully flip your cake over and center it on the frosted board/turntable.
This is where you add a TON of frosting around your cake, fill it in really good (even over fill…your scrap off later).
After that’s done I used the plastic scraper I had (metal would work better I’m sure). I put my scraper in warm water, wiped it dry and with my left hand slowly spinning the turntable while using my right, resting the scraper on my top and bottom boards (or just make sure it’s straight up and resting flat on the icing) only moving the turntable (not your right hand ) and take off the extra icing. I found with the additional step I only a few time had to smooth the paper down under my right hand because it is raise just a tiny bit with that extra board underneath) Hope that made sense :-) .
Once that’s done, slip a knife (or anything long/flat) under the paper and go around the edges to free your paper from the turntable. (cut the paper down around your cake if you want). Then carefully lift up the paper so you can see the board underneath, slip a knife under that board, gently lift it up (helps if the object your using is long), slide the cake off the turntable (leave in the upside down position on the cakeboard) and freeze or refrigerate until icing is stiff enough to flip the cake over. With paper still on, smooth over it with your scraper gently (if needed) and slowly, remove your paper. If too much icing comes off, it’s not ready, put it back in the fridge/freezer for about 25-30 minutes (if you have an hour as Jessie said, that’s even better). You may find bubble holes on top but since your icing is hard just put your spatuala in really hot water, grab a dab of frosting, fill the holes and smooth with the hot spatula (dry the water off prior if you want, I rarely do I just tap off the water and use). For the edges (if the frosting is sticking up or out too far from being upside down) I use my hot spatula, lay it flat on the upper sides, turning my wrist toward the cake, while moving the spatuala up to the top of my cake and gently over the top and smooth out the frosting.

Upside Down Frosting Technique, 10.0 out of 10 based on 4 ratings

Easy Fondant in 12 minutes


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This was adapted from “The Twisted Sisters” recipe. I found it quick, easy and not sticky.

List of Materials

  • 16oz Marshmallows
  • 1 Cup of All Vegetable Crisco (the ready made blocks)
  • 2lbs of Powdered Sugar
  • 1 Measuring Tablespoon
  • Spatula
  • Smooth board to Knead fondant (I use the backside of a “Rotary Cutting Mat” by Taylor
  • Plastic wrap and freezer bags
Place crisco block in mixing bowl
Measure out 16oz of Marshmallows (or if you can find the 16oz bags no need)
Pour 2lbs of sugar in bowl over your crisco
Add 3 Tbls cold water to marshmallows in microwavable bowl. Heat for 1 minute and 30 seconds. Stir when done until mixture is smooth. Immediately pour over powdered sugar and crisco in your bowl. Using dough hook start at slow speed and gradually pick up speed so as not to have a sugar storm. By the end I place my mixer on high (Kitchen-Aid) and let the mixer do most of the kneading. Use spatula to scrap any leftovers from mixing bowl and dump out on a greased surface. Break into 4 parts, knead, wrap tightly and store in a freezer bag. If some sugar doesn’t mix, sitting overnight will take care of that. To use, just pop in microwave for 10-15 secs just until soft enough to knead and not too hot (because it will burn you…I know) and it’s ready to use!

Easy Fondant in 12 minutes, 8.1 out of 10 based on 7 ratings

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Relentlessly committed to the defense of liberty, the United States Air Force celebrates its 65th birthday today, Sept. 18. The Air Force began life as the Army Air Corps but became a separate Armed Services Branch when the Department of the Air Force was created by the National Security Act of 1947. As the U.S. Air Force continues its critical mission "to fly, fight and win ... in air, space and cyberspace," we ask that you pray for these brave Patriots prosecuting "The Long War" against Jihadistan, and for their families awaiting their safe return. – “THE PATRIOT POST

Throughout our proud history, the Air Force has embraced the technology that continues to revolutionize our capabilities in air, space and cyberspace. We owe an enormous debt to the ground-breaking visionaries and engineering pioneers who brought the technology of flight to life, and to the professional strategists and tacticians who imagined the military possibilities of these new technologies and propelled the science, theory and application forward.
While our Service enjoys an unbreakable connection to state-of-the-art technology, we must never forget that everything we do depends on our people, the living engine of our Air Force. Today, more than ever, the Air Force can take pride that our Service culture promotes and benefits from the know-how, determination, and commitment of a diverse group of men and women who embody our Core Values -- Integrity First, Service Before Self, and Excellence In All We Do -- while pursuing adaptive and innovative solutions for our Nation's security.- “THE WHITE HOUSE BLOG

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Tea Party

I've always asked God to use my business to bless others, this cake was made for our neighbors who live a couple of houses down from us at no charge. How appropriate that the childs name was Grace, I kid you not...It never even DAWNED on me until just now :-). The meaning of Grace is: undeserved favor, which is what God gives us as one of His gifts when we accept Him as our Lord and Savior. How cool is THAT!?

Grace is having a Tea Party themed birthday and this cake was an absolute joy to make. The tutorial for this cake topper will be on sale from my website soon.

Wedding Cakes....."Can We Afford it?"....YES!

If you find you can't afford all those REALLY expensive wedding cakes. Give us a call (719) 510-2729 and you'll be surprised at the beautifully decorated and elegant wedding cake you CAN afford from us! We give discounts and on some occasions allow our customers to name their own "reasonable" price because we want that day to be stress free and the day of your dreams. Weddings are don't allow the "Money" to be taken out of your "Moon" by paying an arm and a leg for a cake. It may be beautiful on the outside of course, but in the's just cake.