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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Happy Birthday Alli!

 The cake is a "Polka-Dot" cake. Once cut you see the colorful cake balls inside. This was my first but I won't be able to "see" my results until the party....oh well!

Though I didn' t get to slice the cake and take photo's myself, here is one my daughter took at the party so you can see the insides of the cake. I'll definitely make another one of these was so much fun!

Monday, October 29, 2012


This great little shop is located at 3520 E Saint Vrain St Suite D Colorado Springs, CO 80909
(719) 596-7236. I took my daughters backpacks here to get the zippers repaired because she broke two in just two months. The owner is Glen Kullhem it's an awesome shop! You wouldn't think there was much inside from being outside. My sister-in-law would LOVE this shop seeing that she is an avid quilter. Their website isn't up but you can always contact them if you need something special and I'm not raving about them just because I know them....well, yeah, I am, but still, if you have embroidery needs Glen's your man! They've been at this location for about 12 years now.

My daughter was taking pictures,  the fact that they can do about 30 pieces at once with the touch of a button was fascinating to us both....

Here is the end result of the shirts you see above....AWESOME!

This beautiful piece of art was created at Glen's shop as well....recognize the name? :-).

Sunday, October 28, 2012

To Honor Mom and Grannie

My niece came to visit this summer and we all went to the water park, on the last day we decided to stop and get some tattoos. I decided on this one (SO not real, I like sticking other folks with needles but myself...mmm, not so much), it lasted about 3 days.

However my sweet niece got a permanent one this September. She and my Mother were extremely close as I was with my Grandmother. So this was done to honor her. Two of my nieces named their babies after her as well giving them her middle name "Marie".
Back in the day I recall a lot of old folks saying "Give me my flowers while I live NOT after I'm gone". Well, my Mother didn't run short of flowers or love while she was here on earth, we took care of her very well and she never suffered from an lack of love and care.
Here most of the family gathered at the healthcare facility to celebrate her birthday.

This is my niece with the tattoo, this is one of my favorite shots.

This was at my brothers house having a backyard BBQ with my sister and niece in back and my sweet aunties.

One of Mommies "commical" moments.

My nieces wonderful boyfriend.

This is only a "small" part of our family.

From the time I began buying my own clothing it NEVER failed that Mom each time she visited took something of mine back with her. She was ALWAYS trying to take my clothes (pay back I guess). Well this photo is of her last outfit, I bought it and wore it only once but Mom loved it so this is what we buried her in.

Her jewelry was given by my sister-in-law Gail. Everyone did something for Mom and I found it ironic that my oldest sister is a hair dresser and was always doing my Mom's hair. There was an echo of Mom always saying "Trina...come do my hair". Well the irony comes at her passing, I wanted to do something for her so I decided to do her hair and make-up on her last day on earth. My sweet cousin Ruthie went along with me and did her nails because Mom was never without long pretty polished nails. So that was my last gift to her, funny thing is she would NEVER have let me come NEAR her with a hot curling iron...UNLESS she was dead (you'd have to know that I burned myself all the time when I did my own hair and she knew it :-).
        This is my cousin Ruthie who came to our 20th wedding anniversary ceremony.

Here we are at the funeral home with my brothers (one missing). It was a sad time but a joyful time because we all reminisced of the good times had with my Mom so the same as my Dad's passing, the house was still full of smiles. My Mother requested before her death to give each of us a rose with our names on them and the message "Keep On Smiling". The memories of her makes us all smile.