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Friday, December 7, 2012

Re-Think that Football Helmet Cookie Cutter

Saw a blog one day of a woman who used a snowman cookie cutter, turned it upside down and made a head of the snowman wearing a scarf. Got to looking at my cutters and fliped a Football cookie cutter and...WHALA! IT'S A SILHOUETTE!..go figure.

Look at this, then turn your head to the right's a Football Helmet. Straighten your head's a silhoutte! See the outline of the eyes, face, cheeks, hair, head and body?

If you have a gift box cutter, slice off the bow and....

It's a GIRL!...whoda thunk it?
I just played around with my drawing tools to make the faces...the next ones may not look so "cartoonish" :-). I call these "Children of The Nations" because as I sat back and viewed my work, that was my first thought.


Sunday, December 2, 2012

Cassie and Gallen's Wedding Cakes

These cakes are dressed for the occasion.
I wanted the cakes to mimic the brides dress and the grooms attire.

The Bride will wear an ivory dress, strings of pearls and ivory flowers with a hint of dusty rose.  The ceremony was held at the beautiful Pioneers Museum.


The Groom will wear...a "Black" Bow tie...ops! I instinctively made a gray one to match the suspenders when I looked back and saw the note "Black Tie", oh well, it's still cute :-).

Dark chocolate espresso

Fresh Strawberry. You know, I think I would rather do a 3 tier, fondant cake than to fool with these tiny tedious pops again. I don't mind the dipping but the decorating on such a "small" cake...makes my neck hurt! Though I was happy how they turned out as I've never tried Tuxedo Pops before.

Madagascar bourbon vanilla with confetti

Dark Chocolate with toffee sprinkles and salted caramel drizzle.

Made one too many...this was REALLY YUMMY!