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Saturday, December 22, 2012

LOVE IS TO......


So many people at this time of year find themselves discouraged because they feel a lack of love. If you're reading this blog at this time that means YOU ARE LOVED!

The "Holidays" tend to do that to folks because they feel no one cares for whatever reason but for most it's lack of feeling loved and no encouragement. If you don't know who God is I'm here to tell you your only TRUE encouragement will come from God the Father. I got up this morning feeling a little discouraged myself and then I was led to the book of Ezra 3:8. It talked about Zerubbabel, the recognized leader of the exiles. Basically he allowed himself to be dictated by the lack of encouragement. His success depended on the quality of encouragement he received thereby allowing discouragement to get the best of him. I like this quote because it's SO true.


Remember that last part "Don't Give Up", Satan would have a party this morning celebrating that fact if you did....don't give him the satisfaction. Just remember this if nothing else, man will ALWAYS disappoint you (loved ones, friends, co-workers...etc) because we are made of flesh and blood and that's just the way it is and will ALWAYS be. But if you give God a chance you'll see that HE will never disappoint. Not saying things won't happen in your life that you won't like, or your life will be "Perfect" (there's no such thing) because God uses EVERYTHING good and bad to grow us up and make us stronger and make our lives better. We may not like it all but I tell you the truth, when it feels like my life is failing all around me and people are just bumming me out, there is NO PLACE better I'd rather be than in the word of God. His word always encourages me (and sometimes sets me straight when I'm CLEARLY in the wrong too :-0).

This morning when I awoke discouraged and opened His word, I had no plans to read the book of Ezra, but God brought it to my attention. It's not a "Magical" book, but I just said a little prayer, asked Him to speak to me and there it was. I was allowing the lack of encouragement from man to bum me out...end of story and we've all been there right?

Don't let that happen to you today or anyday....there is always someone you can turn to and always someone who loves you, even a total stranger like me (ahhhhh...that's a poor imitation of Angels singing :-). If you don't own a Bible, you can still call on God to speak to your heart.
So be encourged, BIG HUGS))))))!...ahhhhh! :-).



Friday, December 21, 2012

Simple Royal Icing

These cookies I covered in fondant with royal icing accents covered with sugar.
2 pounds powdered sugar (no need to sift)
1 cup water
2 teaspoons corn syrup
1/2 cup of Meringue Powder
I mixed everything in a Kitchen Aid but a standing mixer or even a strong hand mixer should work. Combine meringue powder and water until foamy. Add powdered sugar and corn syrup, mix until well blended. Scrape down sides of bowl then beating on medium-high until icing is smooth and glossy and will form stiff peaks.

You can tint any color you like and it keeps in an air-tight container for about a week. I keep mine refrigerated or even frozen until I need it. It won't freeze like ice so you can take it out even after a couple of day's in the freezer and be able to stir it. Add a little water at a time to get the consistency you need for piping. This recipe is pretty thick.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas Tree Cakes Tutorial

Needed a pan that would help the trees bake standing up so I used my mini wedding cake pan.

Used one commercial baking sheet and cut in half.

Fold to make a cone shape being sure to close the ends as much as possible and then taping together.

Cone will be tall so just cut it down closer to baking pans level.


I used a heating core for the smaller cone to keep it stable while baking worked perfectly!

Spray the cones VERY well and use one scoop of mix for the small cone and 2 for the largest.

Due to the weight of my mix the cone sank in the pan, couldn't have that happen, I would be baking a crooked tree! But if you know how to use buttercream you can hide a LOT of  mistakes :-).

So I took a wad of foil, poked a hole in the center and stabalized my larger cone...

Worked out perfectly!

Bake at 350. Thirty minutes for the small and five minutes more for the largest.

Let cool for a minute before peeling the baking paper off, freeze, trim the bottoms so they'll sit flat and....

And if you just want to skip all the baking and make it SUPER easy on yourself, just slap an ice cream cone on your cake and decorate away!....I prefer cake myself :-).

Happy Birthday Jesus!

This cake was a request from my daughter for her Sunday School Christmas Party.

Trees are cake covered in buttercream.

The cake: 4 layer vanilla with salted caramel buttercream filling. Gifts are confetti truffles covered in marshmallow fondant.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012



"Addison Marie Bishop", 7.7lbs.  She was given my Mom's middle name, I'm sure Mom's smiling down on this beauty.

She was born only 4 days ago and has such a personality. She looks like she's ready to walk out of that Hospital all ready LOL!

Proud Momma and Pappa.

And of course my sweet cousin (and new still got it girl, "Granny"
is just a name :-).

There is great Grandmother and my favorite Auntie!

Getting some Uncle love.

Look at that face!

Thank God, delivery went well. Congratulations you guys...ya done good!