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Monday, December 31, 2012

Wood Grain Tool - Made My Way

I saw the use of this tool on "Cake Boss", they didn't show how they made it so...I made it up!
You will need: Glue Gun, Electrical tape, Floral tape, kitchen sheers, wire cutters, measuring tape, 5inch skewer (I cut a 10inch in half for this) and floral wire.

I pulled a little less than two yards of wire,

Folded that in half several times

Open a hole at either end of the wires to surround your skewer and add some glue (just a little) and roll between your fingers to set and keep it in place.
Apply the glue when you first turn it on so that it won't be so hot, just when it begins to get soft in your gun (test it so you won't burn your fingers).

The glue will cool quickly so aftewards wrap that portion with electrical tape.

Then cover that tightly with floral tape all the way down your skewer and end back at the top where you began.

Cut all of the loops open with your shears and stretch the curled ends out (I used the flat end of my wire cutters).

Use the shears to even out the wires if you like.

Apply gentle pressure and make stroke marks until you're satisfied with the look...

This is a small strip I did, and you have woodgrain!

Grooms "Cake"

Made this from rkt (rice krispy treats), fondant and caramel buttercream. Got the idea when I bought a miniature table for my daughter for Christmas. I also wanted to try out a woodgrain technique I saw on "Cake Boss", worked really well and saved me some time from the way I did it before.