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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Happy Birthday Julia

Little Julia is a Kempo student and Gymnast. Her birthday cake order was very "specific".
She wanted "Pink" cats, performing gymnastics.
I said "sure"! Never made a Cat in ANY form, but I do like a challenge :-).
When I began it made me a little nervous seeing that her “Cats” looked more like "Teddy's" (or a Rabbit).
But, I kept sculpting away (and goggling).
Did you know you can Google "Cat's doing gymnastics and get almost NOTHING?!
Anyway, I was happy how they turned out. This one is suppose to be Julia in her velveteen suit trimmed in gold.
I actually like this one the best....the song "She's a Maniac" comes to mind for some reason :-).


  1. Julia's "Pink Gym Kitties" Cake was a HUGE success!! You rocked the pink cats doing gymnastics, Teresa. Everyone was marveling at your artwork. And the cake was delicious too! Thank you for your hard work and for being willing to tackle this unusual request. Hugs, The Nagys

  2. Aww, thanks girl, it was a fun challenge and I'm so glad little Ms Julia approved :-).


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