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Saturday, February 23, 2013

"The Man Cave"

I thought this was hilarious!

"Death of The Man Cave"

(from L.A. At Home)

 The time has come to leave the man cave — to bulldoze the bro bunker, to kick the kegerator to the curb. The safe house for the Y chromosome is no longer safe; the perimeter has been breached. The man cave is no longer a tenable refuge from the real world.

The handwriting appeared on the beer-postered wall last year when the phrase “mom cave” began to spread and “man cave” joined the list of phrases from our lexicon that are misused, overused and targeted for their general uselessness, much like “baby bump” and “the new normal.” But the real blow had to be the news earlier this month that a man cave would be among the amenities at the 2012 Philadelphia International Flower Show. Yes, the man cave has gone from sacred space to flower-show bait.

The spirit of the man cave has been co-opted by so many marketers hawking grill tools, barware and even neon lights in the shape of the words “man cave” (in case it needs to be spelled out for the fairer sex, one presumes) that if we don't roll a boulder to block the mouth of the cave now, the strip-mining will continue unabated until Hallmark rolls out a line of man cave cards (“Greetings from the grotto!”) and guy-asylums across the country will groan under the weight of scented candles.


Definition of Man Cave

According to most definitions, a man cave is a space in the home where a man can entertain, relax, and enjoy his hobbies without having to worry about his wife's home decor aesthetic. Man caves are a type of modern-day den or study, but they often focus more on fun than work.


Some man cave examples include:

(From "
  • Musical Man Cave: A soundproofed basement packed with musical equipment for band practice.
  • High Tech Man Cave: A game room featuring high-tech home theater equipment, the latest video games, and surround-sound.
  • Theater at Home Man Cave: A home cinema with movie theater-style chairs and a popcorn popper.
  • Sports Man Cave: A sports haven with a big-screen TV, a mini-fridge for refreshments, and memorabilia from your favorite sports teams.
  • Home Bar Man Cave: A home bar featuring a saloon-style bar and a pool table.
  • Arcade Man Cave: An old-fashioned arcade with pinball and other console games.
  • Card-Playing Man Cave: A poker room with a gaming table and storage for snacks, drinks, and stacks of cards.
  • Workshop Man Cave: A garage filled with tools and equipment for working with your hands.
Check out these RIDICULOUSLY huge Man Caves I found online!
I really don't get the car.

This one by neices boyfriend would LOVE! He plays his music loud all the time...though, if he didn't have sound proof walls, I'm sure their relationship wouldn't last long :-).

If we had this one my daughter would claim it because she loves to bowl and loves video games.

When I saw this one I thought immediatly of my husband, he has always wanted bookshelves to put all of his favorite books on.

This would probably be my husbands DREAM Man Cave because he is a sports fanatic. 24 years and I'm still NOT. I think even if we had this room I'd still leave to go watch "I Love Lucy".

This reminded me of the "Tim The Tool Man Taylor" man cave. Or "Mr Fix It"
And here I am, thinking I was doing something buy purchasing these cute signs for my hubby's 16x8 foot computer room?! No wonder he said it was "too small" to be a man cave! my poor hubby, but....
it's the thought that counts right? :-).

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