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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

How To Perfectly Torte A Cake

$70 OR Less than $17??  If you want you can spend a fortune on something to help you torte your cakes or spend less than $17 and do it by hand just as good or even better. All you need is:
A good turntable, picked this one up at IKEA for less than $10 bucks (it was  between $5 and $8, don't recal exactly. My husband is SO lucky we don't have an IKEA nearby :-)...they've got some great deals and LOTS of stuff to buy (that you probably don't need IMMEDIATLY'll use it (eventually?...I'm convincing "myself" :-)))).
A sharp steady knife. The one up top is a bread knife my husband bought me and the other is from a Ginsu set I bought, they both work perfectly.

I prefer packaging tape because it's super tacky.
Roll a small piece and
Place in the center of your turntable.
Cut a piece of baking paper (or wax if you don't have baking paper)
 and place on the tape in the center of your turntable.
Spread a nice medium mound of icing in the center, a little bigger than your cake. Smooth it down as level as possible with a hot offset spatula (keep a cup of warm water nearby for your spatula) this will be your" top" when you flip it over. See my tutorial on "Upside down frosting Technique" from this blog.
Place your cake (frozen)  right side up in the center of that frosting (this is a 6 inch). Freezing your cake prior to slicing makes it SO much easier, which is why you need a really sharp knife.
Placing one hand gently on top, make your horizontal slice, hold it there and just use your left hand on top to "turn" your cake. Making your knife hand stationary by pinning it gently to your side so that the knife will not move as you turn..
Doing this, your cuts should meet exactly where you began and...
PRESTO! Perfectly torte’d cake! You can do it! Give it a try!

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