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Friday, April 12, 2013


Good, Cheap and Fast….Pick two.

When comparing professional cake decorating prices to your typical grocery store… there is no comparison.  A professional cake decorator spends hundreds and even thousands of dollars on special and specific cake decorating supplies and equipment in order to personalize a cake to your specific needs or desires…you can’t get that at any grocery store Bakery because they don’t have the time.  So when someone says to you, “I want a beautiful cake, but at a very low cost”, you can either direct them to their nearest grocery store or give them these 3 words and have them pick “Two”.


I want a cake that is: Good and Cheap…. it probably won’t be fast because your baker will take his/her sweet   time while  making short cuts and working on other customers cakes who don’t mind paying them for their hard work.

I want a cake that is: Fast and Good…it won’t be cheap because their working twice as hard and twice as fast.

I want a cake that is: Cheap and Fast….it won’t be good because your cake will more than likely be thrown together with the cheapest and lowest quality ingredients, looking good on the outside but the taste….I’m sure will not put a smile on your face.

So…don’t compare “Apples to Oranges”…even though they are both sweet, they’ll never be the same.

-A Gluten Free Baker

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