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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Happy Birthday Masyn

This cake was made for a 3 year old boy who loves Curious George. Cake is a double dark chocolate Ganache covered in Buttercream edible decorations made of  fondant and rice krispy treats. Sand is crushed Graham Crackers.
I was very happy how George turned out but...I did want him standing, didn't want to take the risk of him falling if I could not get him stable...maybe next time!
He still has that iconic clumsy look to him which is what I was going for.
Spent quite some time getting that cheek puffy to look like he was eating a banana instead of a monkey with an abscessed tooth :-)....though, some may think he does look like he's in pain....what-E-VER! So long as it puts a smile on the kids face, I'm good.
Had to make it realistic...what Monkey has sparkling clean feet walking on hot sand?!
Chilin "Curious George" style...banana mess and all :-).
I attempted to make a mini sand castle...yeah...nuff said. The bucket is made from rice krispy treats.

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