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Monday, May 6, 2013

Happy "Hamster Home"?....YES!


I decided that I was done with fish, they never lived long so I guess we just didn't know what we were doing. My daughter wanted another Hamster, I thought, ok...haven't had one of those in years but I did not want to spend a fortune setting it up.


Then it hit me! I had a Hamster my fish tank! It made sense to me! And that's what I did. I actually saved money because a hamster home with all the trimmings was about 40 bucks. That included a little food, a little bedding and I would have had to go out and buy those again in a few days (this one REALLY stuffs his cheeks!).

So I spent $58 bucks and that included bedding for months and food. I taped the water bottle to the side for now until I buy some Velcro and I'm good! He seems happy.....


The Chihuahua? Mmm,...not so much, he whined the entire time I was setting it up, poor baby was accustomed to being the "only pet" :-)))).


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