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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Father's Day Cupcakes/Tutorial

These were really simple easy and cute cupcakes to make!

 After baking you can fill, dip or do nothing to them before you ice. I just like really flavorful cupcakes so here I dipped French vanilla cakes in dark chocolate Ganache and homemade lemon curd filling. I also filled them with the same.
Crush some chocolate cookies SUPER fine (the finer they are the more they look like dirt). Crush the cookies as much as you can and then sift the larger pieces away to get smooth, fluffy, dirt like consistency. Using 1/4 tsp drop a small bit on each cake (doesn't matter where, you'll see why in a moment).

Roll out some green fondant and just using an exacto knife randomly cut out wavy pieces. Use a piping tip to punch out the ball hole and a toothpick to punch a hole for your flag to sit. Roll some more red, green or yellow fondant to be about 1/8 inch thickness or thick enough to push a toothpick through for the flags and begin cutting triangles. I used Americolor edible markers for the numbers. 

Color some frosting green and using a grass tip, fill a piping bag and Pipe grass around dirt...

Place your shape on cake with hole laying over dirt. Roll out tiny balls of white fondant. Using a needle, stick in each ball while using a toothpick to put indents in to make it look like a Golf ball. I used a golf ball candy mold for my ball toppers.


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