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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Happy Birthday Desirae

 This was my very FIRST Topsy Turvy cake and it made me nervous! To intentionally make a cake crooked is to defy gravity...but, it can be done.

 The cakes: Bottom: Dark Chocolate Ganache, Center: Red Velvet w/Cream Cheese, Top Hat: Confetti with homemade lemon curd. Not that hat gave issues! Oh my! I got a little happy with the lemon curd filling, stacked the cakes, dirty iced them to cover with fondant, went back to the freezer and it had shrank and was nearly laying down...opsies! So I had to bake the cake over and be sure not to overdo the filling...lesson learned. Besides, it won't go to waste, a friend picking up her cake is happy to take the catastrophe off my hands LOL!


  Last I heard, a stomach can't taste "ugly" :-).

The birthday girl seemed happy with it for me!

The "ten shillings and sixpence" (10/6) represented on the Mad Hatters hat I changed to represent the birthday girls actual birthday which is 15/6...that worked out pretty cleverly if I say so myself :-).

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