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Saturday, June 29, 2013

My First Cake Decorating Course

I never planned to teach cake decorating or cake anything, I just enjoy what I do. Until a friend asked if I would be interested in teaching her.

Since I attended the Culinary Arts Master School of "Google" and "U-Tube" I figured, why not! So here they are, my first cake decorating class. I decided to make Princess Dolls since that would be more fun than just covering a cake with fondant. WARNING: I was camera happy because my students did SUCH a fantastic job!

This is Susan and Sherry, neither had any prior cake decorating experience in which they made the best students. I figured if I could teach someone with no prior skills and they turn out a beautiful cake...I think I can do this.

These ladies gave me the confidence I needed to continue working on classes to teach and share what I've learned. They were so good.

Susan say's she's never even used a piping bag. Here they practice before putting rosettes on their cakes. The first rosettes Susan did I was quite worried....
as Sherry was just piping away and they both had the same tip. 

I was racking my brain as to how I could make piping buttercream easy for her since it seemed as if she was struggling. Then I decided to try her bag only to discover it wasn't was her TIP! So once I got her a new tip it was "GAME ON"!


In these photos I demonstrated to them how to make a piping bag from parchment paper to write with...they caught on pretty quick :-).

Here they are covering their cakes getting them rosette ready.

And away we go! After finishing her first row of flowers, Susan say's "Hmm...that looks better than I thought it would" :-).

Sherry was in the zone. These ladies had some serious game faces on. So much so that Susan didn't recall me taking some of these photos :-).

The Dolls are looking marvelous!

Here, Susan's husband was just stunned as to how beautiful the cakes were turning out. Especially his wife's sense he'd never seen her do anything like that before :-).

That's their son Shaun trying to move in on the action. Ah...the smell of buttercream in the air.

Here are the finished product.

I am SO proud of you ladies! You did a simply FANTASTIC job!

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