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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Congratulations CMSgt Stephanie Lewis

This was one CHALLENGING cake design! OMG, I though I was going to have a MI trying to make sure I got the stripes on in one piece! But...thank goodness prayer works! Because I was one praying sista as I put this one together. When I have a military cake to do I take great pains in being sure it's just right or I will be up all kidding.
My friend Sandra who ordered the cake for Ms Lewis had me laughing because as I delivered it I double checked with her that I put the correct rank! I laughed so hard at her expression because she's military and commented as I was laughing at her reaction saying..."Oh, my goodness, that ain't even a funny joke right there, thank goodness your husband was prior military" LOL! Now, she knows I would be sure I had everything correct BEFORE delivering! My hubby doesn't pay much attention to my cake decorating unless I'm making a "Military Cake" only then HE becomes the "Cake-Ologist" :-).

Ms Lewis was extremely pleased with her cake and just tickled pink at her....
"Little Sugar Me" :-).

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