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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Stop Wasting Cake Boards

Whenever I frost my cakes using the upside down technique I always sacrifice a cake board as the top guide on my cakes.

Well, here's my bright idea for that and now I have cake boards the size I need AND they are re-washable/re-usable. Not like cardboard you have to discard after each use.

I purchased these disposable cutting boards, about 5 or 6 in a package, at Bed Bath and Beyond. Here I'm cutting a six inch circle to use on a six inch cake as I do the upside down frosting technique. I trace out the circle using food safe makers and cut out carefully with an exacto knife.



The photo to your right, I'm holding the top as I take off extra frosting. This cake hadn't been frozen yet so I was really gentle taking off that frosting so as not to tear my soft cake. So not to self:  always, lightly crumb coat your cake, freeze and then do this technique (they're just so much easier to handle :-).



 After putting cake in freezer (mine, usually overnight). Use a warm spatula dipped in hot water, run it under and around edges of your cut board to free should have a smooth and leveled top (if you combined some of the steps from my upside down frosting tutorial on this blog). If any rough places once you remove the cut circle, just dip your spatula in warm water and smooth them out.

I also used the circle to mark the center of my cake board so I'll know where to place my cake.

Then I used the same board to cut out a circle of fondant to cover the top portion of my cake and......

Here ya go :-).

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