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Friday, March 8, 2013

Upside Down Frosting TIME SAVER!

The normal way of upside down frosting was to torte/fill/crumb coat, go freeze for a few hours, frost and then freeze again. Now I Torte/Fill/Crumb coat/Frost and freeze with only one trip to the freezer instead of two! Hopefully this will help make it clear. Unfortunately I can't save you time looking at all these photos...sorry, don't do videos :-))).

First I start by preparing my cake board. Then place a piece of tape in the center and cover with baking paper.
Spread enough frosting to surround my 6inch cake and from here is where I torte/build my layers on what will eventually be the top of my cake.
Once stacked I level my cake with a sharp knife all around, using the top layer as my guide to prevent cake from showing once I begin my upside down frosting. Next, my cake board goes on what will be the bottom layer and I just kind of eyeball it all around as I turn the table to be sure it's centered. The width of the board will be the thickness of your icing all around so if you don't want a lot of frosting you can trim the circle down a bit.
At this point I use my leveler to be sure I don't have a lopsided cake once frosted, placing one hand on the turntable and the other lightly (because your cake isn't frozen) on top to keep my leveler steady and centered as I turn. Just make sure the bubble is balanced evenly between the two black lines as you rotate your turntable, the bubble will only leave those two lines (moving left or right) if your cake isn't level. You then gently press down on your cake to get the bubble centered. Doesn't need to be perfect, just make sure for the most part the bubble stays between those lines.



Starting from the bottom (which will be your top) use your offset spatula to push icing in and up around your cake. Then overfill all around to get a nice even coat of icing when you do the next step.

Now start taking off that extra icing using the top (which will be the bottom) as your guide. Placing one hand on top gently and turning. I found since the cake wasn't frozen I had to take a smaller portion off at a time.


Once the cake has been frozen, I use a hot spatula (dipped in water), pressing in/upward to gently remove the board from the cake, then I flip it over.

Any creases on top are taken care of with a dollop of frosting and spread with a hot spatula (normally it turns out smoother than this). Smooth any bubbly sides the same way.

Once the sides are done you'll have frosting at the top edges. A little tip from Lauren Kitchens is to come up from the side and swipe across the top, but each time you do be sure to completely wipe off your spatula (a clean spatula is the key), I always place mine in warm water and then wipe.
And there you go!

Remembering My Sweet Daddy

Today marks the 20th year of my Father's passing....miss you Daddy. He was only 59 years old.

My Daddy’s Love

My Daddy’s love will never leave because my Daddy’s love is for eternity.
His love is there forever more, because His love was like an open door.
He raised me with tender loving care, and whenever I needed him he was always there.
My Daddy had to leave this world, but I have no doubt, he loved his little girl.
He’s now gone to see his Father in heaven, because his Daddy's love is an open door,
He gave his life to Christ, so when his Daddy called....he could have eternal life forever more.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Congratulations On Your Retirement Kathleen!

I love it when customers order a cake and then say they don't care how I decorate as long as they get the flavor they want :-)....puts a smile on my face. Though, sometimes I think I have "Over" decoratoritis but...I digress.

I’m really beginning to love Royal Icing String work!
My customer doesn't care for fondant so I made this white chocolate rose/leaves.

I think it's the best one I've ever made, though I don't really follow a pattern, I just cut out petals and make them by eyeing, when I think it's full enough...I stop.  Though I did use an impression mat to get that natural petal look.

I dusted the rose with edible silver dust and did the same with the mini-chocolate truffles I added to her cake. Not too sure about the look of those's all cake!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

How To Perfectly Torte A Cake

$70 OR Less than $17??  If you want you can spend a fortune on something to help you torte your cakes or spend less than $17 and do it by hand just as good or even better. All you need is:
A good turntable, picked this one up at IKEA for less than $10 bucks (it was  between $5 and $8, don't recal exactly. My husband is SO lucky we don't have an IKEA nearby :-)...they've got some great deals and LOTS of stuff to buy (that you probably don't need IMMEDIATLY'll use it (eventually?...I'm convincing "myself" :-)))).
A sharp steady knife. The one up top is a bread knife my husband bought me and the other is from a Ginsu set I bought, they both work perfectly.

I prefer packaging tape because it's super tacky.
Roll a small piece and
Place in the center of your turntable.
Cut a piece of baking paper (or wax if you don't have baking paper)
 and place on the tape in the center of your turntable.
Spread a nice medium mound of icing in the center, a little bigger than your cake. Smooth it down as level as possible with a hot offset spatula (keep a cup of warm water nearby for your spatula) this will be your" top" when you flip it over. See my tutorial on "Upside down frosting Technique" from this blog.
Place your cake (frozen)  right side up in the center of that frosting (this is a 6 inch). Freezing your cake prior to slicing makes it SO much easier, which is why you need a really sharp knife.
Placing one hand gently on top, make your horizontal slice, hold it there and just use your left hand on top to "turn" your cake. Making your knife hand stationary by pinning it gently to your side so that the knife will not move as you turn..
Doing this, your cuts should meet exactly where you began and...
PRESTO! Perfectly torte’d cake! You can do it! Give it a try!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Happy 17th! Mr. & Mrs. Hernandez!

I'm really loving royal icing string work! I never thought it would be so easy. Can't wait to do a wedding cake with this technique.