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Monday, May 6, 2013

Happy "Hamster Home"?....YES!


I decided that I was done with fish, they never lived long so I guess we just didn't know what we were doing. My daughter wanted another Hamster, I thought, ok...haven't had one of those in years but I did not want to spend a fortune setting it up.


Then it hit me! I had a Hamster my fish tank! It made sense to me! And that's what I did. I actually saved money because a hamster home with all the trimmings was about 40 bucks. That included a little food, a little bedding and I would have had to go out and buy those again in a few days (this one REALLY stuffs his cheeks!).

So I spent $58 bucks and that included bedding for months and food. I taped the water bottle to the side for now until I buy some Velcro and I'm good! He seems happy.....


The Chihuahua? Mmm,...not so much, he whined the entire time I was setting it up, poor baby was accustomed to being the "only pet" :-)))).


Sunday, May 5, 2013

Homemade Dulce de leche

I love dulce de leche but not all the fat, so I decided to change up this recipe just a bit to add more flavor, cut out some of the fat ( and my guilt :-).

2 Cups Vanilla Sugar (this is just regular sugar with vanilla beans inside to absorb the flavor)
1 Cup Whole Milk
1 Cup Soy Milk
1 Vanilla Bean
1 Tbls Good Vanilla
1 Tsp Baking Soda

In a large sauce pan on medium heat add milk, let boil, then adding vanilla and soda, stir until sugar dissolves. This should only take a little over an hour but mine cooked longer as the soy has less fat (about an hour and 40 min.).
The first 15 minutes on medium heat.

At about 40 minutes of boiling time, it's getting darker. The baking soda causes it to froth. You will also need a small strainer, bowl of warm water and pastry brush for brushing down the sides of your pan every 10 minutes after removing froth.

An hour into boiling, almost ready. At this point I just used a large spoon to skim the froth from the top since it was easier.
An hour and 40 minutes on medium heat, if it coats the back of your spoon it's ready!

For smoother caramel pour through a sieve before serving.

 If you want NO dairy, use coconut milk but be warned it's still FULL OF FAT! Even light is 157 cal/13g fat, Original Soy contains 132 cal/4 g fat. But pure coconut milk?... 467 cal/50g fat! you choose.