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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Silent Auction Cake

This cake was happily made to raise monies for the Peace Officers Memorial Ball.

The cake was vanilla with chocolate Ganache filling, d├ęcor made from fondant and rkt. The dirt was just chocolate cookies crushed very fine. I hope it raised a lot of monies!

The biggest challenge was making all those tiny tiny veggies! With my BIG fingers..UGH!

Happy 1st Birthday Tyler

This by far was one of my more challenging cakes structure wise. After finishing the cake I figure out an even better way to make the ball pit  but...the customer loved it and that's all that matters :-).

Happy Birthday Eryk

This cake was made for a 14th birthday and 8th grade graduation.
He was surprised with an IPod on his cake. I made the phone but the Mother gave me his actual IPod to include in the cake. The sugar box held his actual gift. His friends ate the phone :-).

His gift was a perfect fit for the box I made of RKT and fondant.

Congratulations Brittany!

This was a fun graduation cake to make.