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Friday, June 21, 2013

Cool Cakes

Happy 15th Aysia!
Love making these very simple cakes with matching cake pops :-).

Sunday, June 16, 2013

The Broadmoor Hotel Experience

Had a WONDERFUL experience with the Broadmoor Hotel Brunch! It was beautiful, the food was excellent and the staff made it all the more enjoyable.
Took my honey there for Father's Day (daddy's little girl) daughter was thrilled! That I didn't tell her what to eat and make sure there is a "fruit and vegetable" on her plate, hence...mashed potatoes/grave with pancakes :-).


Beautiful and peaceful view from our table, the piano player was very soothing. Normally I hate live music when I'm eating but this piano player hit all the right notes :-).


Now for some of my favorites....DESSERT! DESSERT! DESSERT! Can't get enough of it. Loved the crème' Brule' (barely two teaspoons, was SO not enough but, I did show restraint and had only one. I'm a "taster" so I only tasted each one of these desserts. I found the peanut butter dessert in the large glass with the mint leaf? Once you got down to the peanut butter portion at the bottom was WAY too salty and the sweet wasn't sweet enough to balance it out, however, beautiful presentation. Loved the Tiramisu shot and the pretty bobble was some sort of cheesecake...delish!


I'm afraid this is what I'm going to look like one day if I keep eating all this sugar :-)

I can still taste these two, can't remember their names but the one on the left was raspberry spectabulous! the staff that made it all possible....
This was one happy little fella, very nice and from Jamaica. Now that's how you suppose to come to work, with a rockin' attitude and happy to be there :-).

The culinary staff was sooo nice and the food so beautifully presented.


This gentleman from Jamaica also, made me one SLAMMIN egg white veggie omelet...YUMMY!

My favorite table to guessed it DESSERT! This culinary student said they prepare their own desserts for their tables...FABOOLUS JOB!


GOTTA...put more crème' Brule' in these tiny cups! I'm telling you, I love it so much, I could have EASILY eaten every last one of these little joke.


The Tiramisu shots were so cute and I liked the presentation of those chocolate whatchamacallits (the name escapes me).  I love tiny desserts, they make it easy for you to try everything so you don't over stuff yourselves with one, hence "Crème' Brule' :-).

More of the wonderful staff, so friendly and always very helpful. We've visited the Hotel about 3 times now and they are always the same.




This was our FABULOSO server "Zanda". That girl was johnny on the spot! If we needed anything, she was right there. Now that's what I call SERVICE! Thanks for everything Zanda :-).

Now...we must walk off all that good ole food and?...dessert :-). This is the outside view of the Terrace dining room.


The landscapes are beautiful and serene.


The staff does a marvelous job of keeping these grounds spotless!


We ran into these two gentlemen on our walk as they offered to take a family photo for us...see, what I tell ya, nice all the time. Thanks guys. Even though my hair looks like I'm about to take flight :-). We've had and are still having fires here in Colorado so it was cloudy and raining off and on. God knows whatcha need, when you need it so thank God for all the rain we've gotten since the fires began.


Each time we've taken this walk, I never noticed a TIME CAPSULE! How cool is that?! Though, I'll be dead when they open it...but, still cool :-).

My hubbies favorite scenery....the Golf course!


It's just beautiful! We spoke with the nice gentleman who was working today to check on the prices. The lowest was $150 for 18 holes and the price depends on the time of day or season...I think. I asked him "Do ya get a lunch with that price? A snack? A caddy?". He goes, "You get an apple and a score card...want an apple?" LOL!...he wasn't joking.


I like their board, bought my hubby a ticket to see the 2011 U.S. Women's Open...he was in heaven!


Chilin in a golf cart. My daughter wanted to drive it SO badly (I can wait for her "driving" days).

A couple of pics from inside the Hotel right outside our dining area.


I thought this was interesting. It's the bottle of champagne used to Christen the Hotel, June 1, 1918, that's pretty cool.


The beautiful ceiling is just one of too many to photograph. The landscaping in front of the Hotel is beautiful as well.


Ah...the day ends with another nice gentleman opening the door to see us out.

Front shot of the Hotel.


Nice fountain too...well, until another 3 years or so, before we visit again! I'm sure you'll be just as wonderful then too...bye-bye Broadmoor, thanks for everything :-).