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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Lady Under The Sea Cake Decorating Class

This cake was SO much fun! I was suppose to have two students but my 9 year old couldn't make it so I changed gears at the last minute and decided to do a more "Grown-Up" version of my Under The Sea cake. As it turned out, my student loved cake decorating as much as I did and  this took about 4 hours to complete...loved every minute and she did a FANTASTIC job!


I wasn't satisfied with my first attempt at Star-Burst, so I re-did it and this one was MUCH better!

Tina said the fondant work was good PT for her hands. My last students said they used muscles they forgot the had .

I really like this cute photo, my student said she hates taking, thank Ms Tina :-).

Got that "Game Face" on!

 She kept breaking her enema's LOL! "Anemone" was a tongue twister for both of us.

Tina has decorated cakes before but never worked with fondant. She did a fantastic job and was easy to instruct.

This cake looks more difficult than it really is.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Congratulations CMSgt Stephanie Lewis

This was one CHALLENGING cake design! OMG, I though I was going to have a MI trying to make sure I got the stripes on in one piece! But...thank goodness prayer works! Because I was one praying sista as I put this one together. When I have a military cake to do I take great pains in being sure it's just right or I will be up all kidding.
My friend Sandra who ordered the cake for Ms Lewis had me laughing because as I delivered it I double checked with her that I put the correct rank! I laughed so hard at her expression because she's military and commented as I was laughing at her reaction saying..."Oh, my goodness, that ain't even a funny joke right there, thank goodness your husband was prior military" LOL! Now, she knows I would be sure I had everything correct BEFORE delivering! My hubby doesn't pay much attention to my cake decorating unless I'm making a "Military Cake" only then HE becomes the "Cake-Ologist" :-).

Ms Lewis was extremely pleased with her cake and just tickled pink at her....
"Little Sugar Me" :-).