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Monday, November 4, 2013

Duck Dynasty's "SI" in his natural habitat....doing nothing :-).

This is a topper for a cake I'm doing this week. I had to post this because it tickled me just to look at it.



Cake Catch up!

I'm a little behind in my posting here lately, been busting my tuckus since June every week training to get ready for my black belt test in June of next year! (I'm getting to old for this).

 Hmm...exercise and cake, now THAT'S a match made in heaven LOL!

I'm starting a new line of specialty cakes for $75 and they come as you see them, this keeps the price down and here is one of them.

This was an Anniversary cake, love to bling!

This customer wanted a fall themed cake so this is what I came up with and she LOVED IT...and the cake :-).

This was my first attempt at a "Jimmy Choo" shoe...I think it turned out pretty good. be 20 again....NOT!

I loved making this cake for a non-profit organization called "Icing Smiles". You should check them out if you think you'll have the time and supplies to bake for a family with a sick child. The rewards are priceless.