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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Design Crowd By: Vista Print

This is an awesome service I used to get a logo made. They have "Design Contest" where you have literally thousands of designers to choose from to work on your logo and you pick one winner (that's the hard part). These are some of the ideas submitted from a sketch I sent in and boy! Did they make it come to life! Check them out!

                                                                     My sketch


I'm a graphic designer from United States. I have received 50% positive feedback from the designs I have submitted so far. If you would like to hire me, click the green button to the right hide

                                                  The winner!
Go to this link to see their work:


I've been a graffiti artist since 1982. My forte is stylized lettering but its hardly my limit.  My current focus is on webdesign, flyers and brand identity.  I am a fine artist at heart so if you embrace the trite or want to look like everyone else, I may not be the guy for you. I do not keep a collection of prefabs nor will I manipulate a logo made for someone else to submit to you. If you want to identify your brand with something UNIQUE to the world, go ahead and click on that button as I'm always waiting for the opportunity to work on new projects! Private projects and paid invites will always get priority.  Due to the epidemic of abandoned unguaranteed projects, I only accept Payment Guaranteed invites. I am yours to hire. hide

My second favorite
Go to this link to see their work:


Hi I'm Raymond! I am a new Freelance Graphic Artist based on the Philippines. I recently made a move to become a graphic artist so that i can share my ideas, develop my skill and as well as to do what i love  most! so if ever you have any projects, or opportunities that you would like to discuss. I'm willing to work it up with you!

I love these colors
Go to this link to see their work:

Ken Bradford

 I have worked in website and graphic design for the past 12 years. I have designed graphics and websites for many different types of businesses, including insurance agencies, candle companies, discount dental plans, coffee shops, and many others. As a business web designer, my main goal is to take your thoughts and ideas and transform them into an attractive website that is both user and search engine friendly. Most consumers don't spend their time driving all over town visiting different businesses; they search Google. As a result, small business owners who do not have a business website aren't even in the mix. Logo design can get a little complex.  Things that need to be considered are size, style, typography, and the message the logo is designed to deliver.  The ultimate goal of your business logo is instant recognition.  A logo has to look good and be legible at all sizes.  A logo is not effective if it loses too much definition when scaled up or down.  The logo has to look good on posters and billboards, but it also must be recognizable on websites, letterheads, post cards, and business cards.   Usually the simple approach is the best for most business logos.  Many business owners find that just running the daily operations of a business is a full time job. As a freelance blog writer, I deliver quality blog content on time and on the particular topic of choice. I understand on page SEO and the importance of incorporating search optimization in the writing of blog articles. I understand the importance of providing relevant and informative blog and web content to attract people's interests and search engine rankings.

One of the first designs submitted, I really liked this one and the green.
His blog can be found here -
His Facebook page:

Go to this link to see their work:

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