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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

When You Least Expect It..Kindness Returns

Happy Tuesday! Just wanted to share a little true story. One very early and cold winter day in line at a drive-thru, I felt the urge to pay for the snow plows mans breakfast behind me because that's a job I would not want, so I did. Another day long after that was forgotten, I wasn't in such a hot mood and as I pulled up to another drive-thru to pay for my meal I was told it was already paid for by the person in front of me! Snapped me right out of that mood and even made me cry ( I needed that☺). Long after that was forgotten I was drawn to this homeless guy named Frank to buy his breakfast since I was buying mine....can y'all tell I don't spend a lot of time cooking? After that was done and forgotten....this morning I was in line (again), I take out my $10, (breakfast was $9 and some change) and I'm told...."Ma'am,Your meal was paid by the customer in front of you"! I was completely shocked! So just remember, as crappy as this world is becoming...there are still kind people out there. I wish I had been paying attention so I could have flagged them down just to say "Thank you", but....I guess that's the point☺

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