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Monday, January 13, 2014

Starbucks Doggie Cafe'????

I decide to stop by Starbucks for a sugar free latte when the attendant asked me after seeing my Chihuahua "Would you like one for him"? I'm like HUH?

So she whips out this cute little tiny cup with just a little sugar free whip and he was in HEAVEN!

I couldn't even leave the parking lot until he was done and then I had to make him realize that "My" coffee was "Mine"...he kept trying to go after my cup of coffee....thems fightin' words! LOL!

HAPPY 2014!!!

Sorry, this is late...forgot to post :-). May your year be blessed!!

Tardis Cake

This cake was easy to make, just time consuming. The cake is a dark chocolate Ganache, my best seller :-)))).