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Saturday, February 15, 2014 "Happy Birthday Chuck"

This cake was made for an ordering addict? LOL! I don't know, his wife say's he is always ordering from them and thought it would be funny to give him a cake that looks like a delivery box. I thought it was a cute idea too and couldn't wait to try it it is!

Happy 15th Birthday Briaunna!

Can't believe my daughter is 15 today! The thought of graduation and going off to college saddens me but my niece who has "6" kids say's, "you'll get over it" . Briaunna is my most interesting "client" because I never know what she will ask for each year. She's been talking about going to Baylor University for the past two years so she wanted a Baylor University cake. I was like "How am I going to make a "College" cake for a kid?!" So, I just combined everything that she is doing and dreaming of... and put it on her cake 

As I look at her cake and realize that if you reverse those numbers it would say how old I am! We have such precious little time with our kids, so make it count. I pray I've passed a legacy of faith and love down to my daughter, as I want to be the best Mother I can be and one day hopefully she will say and do the same for her children....leave a legacy of Faith in God...and Love, they will thank you.  Happy birthday baby girl.