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Friday, June 27, 2014

Happy Birthday Deb!

 To the most talented Barista at Trina's Coffee Cake: dark chocolate with white BC. 

Congratulations Capt Healy

Promotion Cake...honestly, I can't recall what flavor this cake was LOL! Trying to play catch up with all of my post.

Congratulations Savanna

This Mother wanted to REALLY celebrate the "Last" one out of the house! LOL! She said this graduation dessert bar was more for her than the graduate :-).
Miniature Chocolate chip Cookies

Miniature Buckeye Brownies
Miniature Fresh Strawberry and Chocolate Cupcakes

Humongous Chocolate and Strawberry cake pops!

Gender Reveal Cake

This cake was lots of fun! The Mother actually didn't find out what she was having until she cut into the cake and saw pink...pretty cool.'s a Girl :-).

Congratulations CMSgt Ludwig

Retirement Cake

Mobile Tastings!

No time for sit down tasting? Why not go "Mobile"! Pick up or delivery, no calling months in advance...just a weeks notice. You still get your choice of 4 flavors and frosting s but at a much lower price and more convenient. Cakes: White, Lemon, Chocolate Ganache and Chocolate Mocha. Frosting's: Andes Cool Mint, Vanilla, Chocolate Ganache and Marshmallow.

NOTE: Mobile Tastings are super convenient for a busy Bride. However, its probably best to decide flavors as early as possible, like a month ahead, though we still only need a weeks notice to prepare it. And we do still require the normal two months notice for wedding cake " planning" in order to secure your date.

Father's Day Cupcakes

Truffles, Truffles Truffles!

Cake Truffles are Chocolate Mocha and Vanilla.

Happy First Anniversary Cassi and Gallen!

When we make your wedding cake, the first year's cake is on us!

Eat Your Veggies

This cake was made for my daughters Youth group picnic. Turned out pretty cut if I say so myself!