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Friday, February 13, 2015

So proud of my 16 year be :-)

Happy 16th birthday to one of the greatest blessings I've ever received. My daughter loves physical fitness and there was a time when I had to drag her out of the house to go for one of my 5 mile  walks. I mean she would literally whine the entire way until we were about 10 minutes from home! She would make my walks miserable at times on beautiful days when I loved to be outside and I'd hear this kid in the background stopping every 10 minutes to drink water, fix her shoe anything to try and convince me to turn around and go back home LOL!

Well, today she is thanking me and I never prompted a thank you either. She just came up to me one day and said "You know, I'm glad you didn't let me sit at home, snack and watch television everyday but made me go exercise with I love it!" Almost too much to the point where she tries to exercise at midnight and I'd have to make her go to bed! (hmm...wonder where she got that from?) With her Dad being insulin diabetic and HIS Dad and MY Dad, I told her the only fighting chance she had of not getting it is to get up and move! I'm 52 and have always taken care of my health (not eating the best things but you didn't have to make me workout :-) my doctor tells me that I could become diabetic because of genetics as I have issues with low BS. He say's I'm doing all the right things and the only thing that will predict I do become diabetic or not, is Genetics and time.

So...I add this little story to this cake to anyone reading out there who hasn't gotten up off that couch and hasn't stopped eating junk that you know isn't good for you (in excess, I do believe in moderation you can eat anything). But maybe somewhere inside you hear that little voice saying "just try it, 20 minutes a day". You can even do it while watching television if that is what you like to do. If you have a 30 minute program you like to watch each day, get a glass of water, get up and just jog in place while it's on! Take water breaks during one commercial and keep going! You can do it! And nobody's watching. Take care of your health and by the grace of'll learn to love taking care of your temples that God has given you and maybe even one day share your story to encourage someone else :-).

Cake: 1\2 vanilla vanilla, half Red Velvet.

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