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Friday, June 5, 2015


If you, like myself, have always had white modeling chocolate not turn out so well, then you should try this recipe. Ive never had many issues with chocolate but white? Makes my hair gray! Here's the recipe:

16oz. White chocolate chips (Hershey's is the best and most economical if you want it to taste good)
1\2 cup of Corn syrup (I use Karo light with REAL Vanilla)


Heat white chocolate in microwave for about 50 seconds at a time (you can gage this according to your microwave). Stirring each time with a spatula till melted. Heat corn syrup in microwavable container for about 11 seconds, this just makes it a little above room temp if cold. You'll need to heat longer in winter months but 11 seconds in warm weather should be good. I use a glass measuring cup and plastic bowl for the chocolate.

If coloring you can add it to the finished product or to your syrup before, just depends on if you're making more than one color. The problem with white chocolate is it contains more oil than dark or milk chocolate which is why the damage occurs when you OVER MIX...don't do that. Once you add the corn syrup to your chocolate use a rubber spatula and gently "fold" it until you see 1. The syrup is combined and none is still floating around the edge of the bowl AND...2. It begins to seize (stiffen). That's when you know its enough.

Cover your chocolate in plastic wrap, afterwards press it into a round, flat (not too flat) disc. This will help it cool faster if you need it pronto. You can leave it on the counter for about 1 1\2 hours to cool or refrigerate for an hour. When you take it out to knead it shouldn't be "oily".... If so, let it sit longer. You'll know its ready when you can knead and its not dripping with oil but resembles smooth fondant (like my photo) while kneading. At this time you can lay it on the mat and using your thumbs, press out any lumps.

Wrap tightly in plastic wrap  (I also put it in an airtight zip lock bag) and store in a cool dry place. Mine stays good for a couple of months. Just take out what you want to use, knead till smooth again and its good!☺

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